Common Parental Negligence

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    Avoidance and Neglect

    Some parents fight tooth and nail to give their child the best life possible, while other parents seem to avoid parenting responsibilities altogether. There are some parents who are so emotionally detached from their role as a guardian that avoidance and neglect become their primary parenting norm. Neglecting a child’s basic needs such as proper food, schooling, and medical care can be harmful.

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    Physical and Emotional Abuse

    One of the worse forms of being an irresponsible parent is the potential for abuse. While physical abuse seems more obvious and noticeable to others, emotional abuse can be just as damaging. This may take the form of derogatory comments about the child to threatening words causing fear. Other forms of abuse that do not involve striking a child include starving them or locking them away for long periods.

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    Gross Parental Irresponsibility

    Some irresponsible parents are ones who throw all the good parenting rules out the window. From allowing kids to skip homework to underage booze drinking, these parents let everything slide. When these children get out of control, they can be removed from the home and placed into foster care. Then a child support lawyer will petition for support payments from the parents to the new guardian.

Balancing Parental Responsibility

Bad parenting takes many forms. Some parents are too strict, while some are not strict enough. Others are overbearing, while some entirely ignore their child’s needs. The key to being a good parent is finding a healthy balance of affection and mutual respect that creates a solid foundation for children to grow into functional and well-adjusted adults.